EV220B Pilot operated solenoid valves.

EV220B Pilot operated solenoid valves. Suitable for water, air, neutral fluids, oils.

EV220B Pilot operated solenoid valves. Suitable for water, air, neutral fluids, oils.
Functions 2 ways NC or NO servoactuated
Process connection 1/2" to 2"
Body materials brass, de-galvanized, stainless steel
Temperature range up to 180°C
Pressure range 0.3÷16 bar
Degree of protection: IP65
Price from € 75,00
Variable depending on the configuration

The EV220B is a universal set of internal indirect solenoid valves 2/2- with function way normally open or normally closed.
Valve body in brass, dezincification-resistant brass and stainless steel guarantee the coverage of a wide range of applications.
A built-in pilot filter as standard, adjustable closing time and protection to IP67 ensure optimum performance even in severe working conditions.

The solenoid valve is essentially a faucet that allows the passage of a fluid (liquid or gaseous) through the gap identified by the valve itself, and then branching in the conduits (in the broad sense) that are located downstream thereof being upstream section where there is a higher pressure.
The solenoid, traversed by current, attracts an iron core within an inner channel causing the mechanical displacement of the element of the occluding device and therefore the opening or closing of the solenoid (all or nothing).
These valves can be implemented by simple direct current or alternating current.

  • Built-in filter for protection of pilot system
  • Damping water hammer
  • Available with adjustable closing time

Technical Characteristics

Measuring principle:
    • Servoactuaded
      • NC
      • NO
      • [according to the models]
      Process connection:
        • Threaded: G 1/2" | 3/4" | 1" | 1"1/4 | 1"1/2 | 2"
        Operating temperature:
          • -30÷+140 [°C]
          Minimun pressure:
            • 0,3 [Bar]
            Pressure max:
              • 16 [Bar]
              Measuring fluids:
                • Water
                • Air
                • Oil
                • Vapor
                Materials in contact with the media:
                  • EPDM
                  • FFKM
                  • FKM
                  Degree of protection:
                    • IP67
                      • EC Declaration of Conformity