Delta OHM

Riels® Instruments is the official DELTA OHM distributor and offers a wide range of products for measuring temperature, humidity, pressure, wind speed, illuminance and noise.

As a distributor, Riels® Instruments is committed to providing customers with the highest quality products, guaranteeing a specialized and professional technical assistance service.

We are your DELTA OHM partner! Riels® Instruments is the distributor of all DELTA OHM products.

Below are some of the thousands of DELTA OHM items. If you request the missing code or ask for our advice.

We have expert knowledge of all DELTA OHM products and their applications and are able to recommend any installation or replacement.

For expert advice and rapid product supply  contact Riels® Instruments today or send an email to:

In summary, the partnership between DELTA OHM and Riels® Instruments represents a guarantee of quality and reliability for customers looking for high precision electronic measuring instruments and a professional support service.

The company is committed to offering a high quality service, aimed at satisfying the needs of its customers.