MYALARM datalogger device for alarms and remote control

MYALARM device data logger GSM / GPRS

MYALARM device data logger GSM / GPRS
USB Interface: 2.0 mini B
Expandable memory: Slot micro SD (up to 32GB)
Built-in Memory: Flash (2 MB)
Digital Inputs: 4 channels - Digital Outputs: 2 relay SPST 3 A (optional)
Analog Input: 2 analog inputs (mA, V), 16-bit resolution
12Vdc - Degree of protection IP20
Price from € 270,00

MYALARM2 is a datalogger device GSM / GPRS designed for remote control of houses, buildings, plants, machinery production through simple commands sent messages in SMS format.
With any mobile phone or smartphone it is possible to control the switching on and off of the boiler, activate a contact etc.. The device has an internal GSM module that acts as a terminal device on any cellular network.

  • Remote Terminal GSM / GPRS
  • System alarm management
  • Datalogger

To simplify the use of MyAlarm2  we have several custom applications integrated, pre-programmed into the device. In this way, the appropriate functionalities of the user are provided to his needs, reducing to a minimum the activity of customization.
In any case, also being standard and pre-programmed, the applications described in these pages can be modified, extended and adapted to specific situations.


  • Configuration via email
  • Remote commands via phone ring, SMS, Email
  • Alarm notification by SMS, Email, telephone ring
  • SMS, Email bi-directional (Alarms & Controls)


  • Alarms text SMS, Email
  • Alarm lack of mains voltage
  • Alarm threshold of counters and totalizers
  • Alarm threshold of temperature


  • Up to 16 programmable commands fast with numeric code
  • Thermostat function for control heating / cooling
  • Feedback commands executed
  • Manage users at scheduled times
  • Hours counter function with alerts and actions on threshold
  • Repeat timed commands weekly, monthly.
  • Datalogger dynamic

Technical Characteristics

Outputs available:
    • SPST contact
    Operating voltage [V]:
      • 12 Vdc
      Ambient temperature:
        • -20÷+55 [°C]
        Degree of protection:
          • IP20
            • EC Declaration of Conformity