RIL300 Ultrasonic level transmitter

RIL300 Ultrasonic level transmitter. With liquids, chemicals, waste water

RIL300 Ultrasonic level transmitter. With liquids, chemicals, waste water
Display del trasmettitore di livello RIL300
RIL300 Trasmettitore di livello ad ultrasuoni Riels®Instruments
Measuring principle ultrasonic
Measuring range up to 30 m.
Output signal 4÷20 mA/HART; MODBUS RS485
Process connection threaded 2" Gas or flanged 
Materials transducer PVC (on request PTFE)
Temperature up to 75°C
Pressure up to 0,5 bar
On request ATEX version
Price from € 415,00
Variable depending on the configuration

The level meter ultrasonic RIL300 is used in water, wastewater and the storage of chemicals as it lends itself to the measurement of the liquid level in storage vessels and simple process tanks.

On request, version for flow measurement in open channels and filtration beds.
To meet the chemical requirements of your applications, the level transmitter RIL300 is available in PVC or PTFE materials.
In addition, for applications with temperatures of the material and process variable incorporates an integrated temperature sensor for compensationthe measurement error due to temperature variations. 


  • Continuous level measurement in ranges up to 30 m.
  • Programming with display plug-in 4-key
  • Ultrasonic Sensors in PTFE for chemical compatibility

    Technical Characteristics

    Measuring principle:
      • Ultrasonic
      Measuring range / adjustment:
        • 0,2÷4 | 0.25÷6 | 0.25÷6 | 0.3÷8 | 0.5÷12 | 0.8÷20 | 1.2÷30 [m]
        Outputs available:
          • 4÷20 [mA]
          • 4÷20 [mA] \ HART®
          • RS485 Modbus
          Operating voltage [V]:
            • 24Vdc
            Operating temperature:
              • -40÷+75 [°C]
              Pressure max:
                • 1 [Bar]
                Process connection:
                  • Thread GAS
                  • Flanged
                  Degree of protection:
                    • IP67
                      • ATEX Declaration
                      • EC Declaration of Conformity