RIB250-DST Pressure differential transmitter

RIB250-DST Precision differential transmitter for medium and high pressures
Measuring range up to 10MPa
Process temperature up to 120°C
Atex approval on request
Accuracy ± 0,075% of Full scale
The RIB250 Differential Pressure Transmitter is a high-performance differential pressure transmitter with cutting-edge international technology.
It utilizes the world's most advanced monosilicon pressure sensor technology and a patented encapsulation technology.
The monosilicon pressure sensor is located on the top of the metal body and is kept away from the medium interface to ensure mechanical and thermal isolation.
The glass sintering sensor wire provides high-strength electrical insulation of the metal base and enhances the flexibility of the electronic circuit and transient voltage protection.

All these original encapsulation technologies enable the RIB250 to easily handle extreme chemical situations and mechanical loads, and possess strong resistance to EMI, making it suitable for the most demanding industrial environment applications, which are truly invisible instruments.
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