RIC200 Inert gas bulb thermometers

RIC200 Rigid bulb stainless steel inert gas thermometers
Measuring range up to 600°C
Atex approval on request
Process pressure 25 Bar
Accuracy 1% (EN 13190)

The RIC250 Series Inert Gas (Nitrogen) Thermometers are accurate and offer a fast response time.
Instruments that lend themselves, given the absence of mercury, to be used above all in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

On request with mobile electric contacts to open or close electric circuits that can be positioned on the 270°C of the scale.
These thermometers can be combined with thermowells to offer protection to the instrument or to replace it without having to interrupt the process.

Possibility of ATEX execution with CE Ex II 2 GD c TX dial marking. They cannot be installed in zones 0 and 20.

Measurement techniques

Food industry

With hygienic sensor solutions made of stainless steel, Riels® Instruments meets the high hygiene requirements in the food industry. We ensure continuous and lasting safety, solving chemical and thermal resistance challenges to protect products and processes.

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Water & Wastewater

Water is a precious commodity. Monitoring of water resources is very important and Riels® Instruments supplies sensors for measuring flow, level, pressure in the water and wastewater treatment sector.

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Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industry

In the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, excellence requires cutting-edge technologies. Riels® Instruments, with its wide range of instruments for industrial automation, satisfies every need, guaranteeing rigorous safety and precision standards.

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Oil & Gas | Offshore

Oil and gas fuel industry and the progress of civilization. In the mining and refining sector, with tankers and pipelines, safety is paramount. We are committed to ensuring high safety standards to support the oil industry and its vital role in modern society.

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