RIF180 Electromagnetic flow meter

RIF180 Insertion electromagnetic flow meter
Measuring range ± 15 m/s
Process temperature Up to 80°C
Process pressure Up to 60 bar
Probe in Orthogonal to the flow

The RIF180 is an electromagnetic flow meter insertion designed to measure the flow of conductive liquids in pipes. The device can be inserted directly into the pipe without the need for invasive operations, allowing for space-saving installation. The meter is suitable for pipes with diameters between 100 and 3000 mm and can measure the flow of conductive liquids with accuracies up to ±0.5%.

The RIF180 uses electromagnetic measurement technology that leverages the physical principle of Faraday, providing real-time flow readings. The device is designed to withstand pressures up to 16 bar and temperatures up to 80°C. The device ensures low pressure losses due to its slender probe structure.

The RIF180 is equipped with a self-diagnostic function for continuous performance verification and a reverse polarization protection function to ensure the safety of the apparatus. The product is suitable for a wide range of industrial applications, including measuring the flow of water, steam, oil, milk and other liquids.

In addition, the RIF180 is available with a variety of output options and communication interfaces to meet the specific needs of applications. Its compact design and flexible mounting options make it suitable for a wide range of industrial installations.
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