RIF190 Electromagnetic flow meter

RIF190 Electromagnetic flowmeter for partially open pipelines
Measuring range 0...15 m/s
Process temperature Up to 130°C
Protection degree IP65
Process pressure Up to 16 bar

The RIF190 is an electromagnetic flow sensor designed for measuring conductive liquids in partially filled pipes. This innovative flow sensor uses electromagnetic technology to provide accurate flow measurement even in challenging conditions such as the presence of foam and impurities in the liquid. The robust design of the RIF190 makes it suitable for use in multiple industrial sectors, including wastewater management or in food and chemical industries.

The RIF190 is easy to install and use due to its intuitive user interface. The sensor comes with a liquid crystal display and a RS485 communication port, which allows for easy integration with automation and control systems. A version with GSM antenna or HART communication protocol can also be requested.

The RIF190 is a versatile and reliable flow sensor that offers a wide range of calibration options to meet customer needs. It is available in a wide range of diameters from DN200 to DN3000. Additionally, the sensor is designed to withstand extreme environmental conditions, such as high temperatures up to 130°C, vibrations, and mechanical stress.

The RIF190 is an ideal solution for those seeking a precise, reliable, and easy-to-use flow sensor for measuring conductive liquids in partially filled pipes. This high-quality, versatile flow sensor offers high reliability and easy integration with automation and control systems, making it an ideal solution for multiple industrial sectors.

Various electrode materials are available to adapt the RIF190 to all needs:

  • AISI316L: Stainless steel suitable for use with non-corrosive liquids. Widely used in petrochemical, chemical, and carbamide industries.
  • Hastelloy B: Resistant to hydrochloric acids below the boiling point and oxidizable acids.
  • Hastelloy C: Exceptional resistance to solutions of oxidizing salts and acids such as Fe+++, Cu++, and nitric acids.
  • Titanium: Resistant to corrosive liquids such as seawater and chloride and hypochlorite salts. Incompatibility with solutions of high concentration of sulfuric and hydrochloric acids.
  • Tantalum: High resistance to corrosive liquids. Perfect for chemical-pharmaceutical industries.
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