CGR-Fx Rotary piston flow meter

CGR-Fx Rotary piston flow meter for fiscal measurements of flammable gases
Measuring range Up to 650 m³/h
Process temperature Up to 60°C
Signal output Pulses
Process pressure Up to 20 bar
The CGR-Fx Rotary Piston Gas Meter is an advanced volumetric meter designed to provide high-precision measurements. This device finds application in both the gas transportation and distribution sectors, as well as serving as a master meter within calibration systems. Its operation is based on the gas flow through chambers defined by the shaping of the components. The pistons are set into motion by the gas stream, and their rotation is transmitted to the counter through a magnetic coupling, which ensures complete isolation between the meter's interior and exterior.

A distinctive feature is the separation of the measuring cartridge from the outer body to protect it from potential mechanical stress caused by flange misalignment. This design, coupled with the precise machining of parts that minimizes the gap between the rotors, serves to minimize pressure losses and provide a wide measurement range.

All maintenance-prone components, such as oil level indicators, the oil filling cap, the counter, and pulse generators, are located at the front of the meter, allowing for close installation to the rear wall.

The device offers two pressure taps, a temperature pocket, and up to four high-frequency pulse generators. It complies with EN12480 standards and is approved according to the MID (Metrology Instruments Directive), PED (Pressure Equipment Directive), and ATEX (Atmosphères Explosibles) regulations.

In its standard configuration, the meter comes with two low-frequency pulse generators (LFK). Upon request, it's possible to obtain two medium-frequency sensors (LFI1-LFI2), two high-frequency sensors (HF1-HF2), and an anti-fraud sensor (AFK). Lubrication with Lubrina L12, with a viscosity of 12 mm²/s at 20°C, is recommended to ensure proper functioning and longevity of the meter over time.
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