CGT-02 Turbine flow meter

CGT-02 Gas Fiscal Turbine Flow Meter
Measuring range Up to 10.000 m³/h
Process temperature Up to 70°C
Signal output Pulses
Process pressure Up to 110 bar

The operation of the turbine meter is based on the concept of proportionality between the quantity of gas passing through the meter and the number of rotations of the turbine wheel. The CGT-02 utilizes a mechanical/magnetic transmission system to activate the counting unit, positioned at the top of the meter. Here, the gas volume is displayed under operating conditions.

The precision of the bearings, along with precise tolerances of all measuring components, contribute to minimizing pressure losses. Additionally, the application of a flow straightener further aids in this regard. The measuring cartridge is separated from the external body of the meter, which protects it from potential mechanical stress caused by imperfect flange alignment. The cartridge is fully replaceable, ensuring easy maintenance.

These meters comply with various approvals, such as MID, ATEX, and PED, and adhere to the EN12261 standard. Their construction follows ISO 9001 guidelines and meets ISO 9951 DIN 33800 standards. Furthermore, they fulfill environmental requirements E2 - M2.

These meters are available in various sizes ranging from DN50 to DN400. The standard turndown ratio is 1:20, but there is an option to request the version with a turndown ratio of 1:30.

The CGT-02 flow meters come standard with a low-frequency pulse transmitter featuring a reed contact anti-fraud mechanism for fiscal volumetric measurements. It is possible to add up to four high-frequency pulse transmitters of the NAMUR type.

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