DCX22 Depth data logger

DCX22 Datalogger Depth (pressure) and water temperature recorder accuracy 0.05%
Measuring range up to 100 mH20
Process temperature -20...+60°C
Protection degree IP68
Atex approval Only safe zone
The DCX22 is a self-contained, battery-powered recorder made from stainless steel and designed to record depth (absolute pressure) and water temperatures over long periods.
Thanks to the long-lasting battery, it can continue to measure water level, water pressure and temperature for years (up to 10 years with one measurement per hour).
This Datalogger can be configured using the supplied software (measurement interval, accident management, delayed start of the measurement, etc.) and the data read can be displayed in a graph and corrected, using the air pressure values, converted into fill levels or other units.

Two versions are available.

The sensor, the electronic circuits and the battery are housed in a sealed stainless steel tube for use under water.
The sensor must be lowered with any cable and subsequently it must be recovered from the measurement point when it is desired to download the recorded data.
The end cap sealed with the O-ring must then be removed to gain access to the data port.
In shallow waters, where the influence of changes in barometric pressure should be taken into account, it is recommended that a second DCX-22 (Baro) data detector be positioned on the surface to record the barometric pressure.
The PC will calculate the differential pressure or the water depth by subtracting the two measured values.

The sensor is connected via a waterproof cable to a surface mounted housing equipped with the data reading port.
This arrangement makes it easier to retrieve data from fixed installations.
To read the data, it is not necessary to retrieve this Datalogger from the immersion pipeline as the housing of the electronic components is mounted on the top of the borehole to ensure easy access for downloading data.
The electronic circuits make use of the latest microprocessor technology offering high accuracy and resolution for pressure and temperature signals coming from both the depth sensor and the barometric sensor.
The measured values ​​are mathematically compensated for all linearity and temperature errors by the pressure sensors.


  • The use of a non-volatile memory guarantees high data security.
  • Thanks to the user-friendly graphical interface supplied with the instrument, it is possible to adapt the DCX to the specific needs of the detection stations, so that only useful data is stored.
  • The measurement interval can be controlled by events.
  • The optional GSM-1 unit allows you to transmit data, give instructions (reprogram) the data detector from / to a remote location.
  • It is possible to send the data to any mobile phone in the form of a short message (SMS).
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