FMR-HP Rotary piston flow meter

FMR-HP High Pressure Rotary Piston Non-Corrosive Flowmeter
Measuring range Up to 400 m³/h
Process temperature Up to 80°C
Signal output Pulses
Process pressure Up to 100 bar

The FMG-HP series of rotary gas meters is designed to meet the highest demands of reliable and accurate measurement of gas flow under high-pressure conditions. These meters fully comply with the EN12480:2002, EN12480:2015, and OIML R137 1&2 (2014) standards.

The actual meter body is made from aluminum and is held in position by a steel housing. This housing absorbs mechanical stresses due to high pressures and allows for reduced weight compared to a fully steel meter. Since the actual meter body is not affected by stresses from flanges or the pipeline, the clearances between the pistons and the body are optimized, maintaining the metrological performance of standard FMG meters.

Unlike other measurement devices such as turbine meters and ultrasonic meters, a rotary meter can be installed close to regulators without the need for extended straight sections or specially prepared inlet areas.

The FMR-HP series can be equipped with a spring-loaded bypass valve. If a meter becomes locked, the pressure differential over the bypass valve will increase, causing the valve to open and allowing gas to flow. This safety feature ensures a continuous gas supply and is suitable for critical installations where gas flow cannot be interrupted. The opening of the bypass can be monitored by measuring the pressure differential across the meter.

A compact and interchangeable aluminum cartridge enables on-site repair and cleaning. A pre-calibrated cartridge can be replaced without affecting accuracy. Accessing the cartridge requires the removal of a relatively small and lightweight cover.

To maintain high accuracy and a wide turndown ratio, it's essential that the displaced volume remains consistent within operating conditions. By separating the meter body from the actual pipeline and using the same material for the pistons, changes in displaced volume due to installation stresses, operating pressure, and thermal expansion are eliminated.

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