FMT-Lx Turbine flow meter

FMT-Lx Fiscal turbine flow meter for gas
Measuring range Up to 40.000 m³/h
Process temperature Up to 70°C
Signal output Pulses
Process pressure Up to 100 bar

The FMT-Lx Turbine Counters are a robust and highly precise solution designed to meet the most demanding accuracy requirements. These counters are compliant with international standards. The key component, an interchangeable cartridge housing the flow sensor, features an integrated multi-stage flow conditioner that eliminates the need for straight inlet and outlet sections during installation. Subjected to rigorous testing and conforming to disturbance test standards, these counters ensure reliable performance.

The interchangeable cartridge can be pre-calibrated under various pressure conditions, offering flexibility and the possibility of on-site exchange. Isolated from the casing and supported by rings, the cartridge remains unaffected by external influences. Its compact dimensions allow for the use of larger cartridges compared to the counter body itself, providing these counters with remarkable maximum capacities similar to those of ultrasonic counters.

The FMT-Lx Series can be equipped with various lubrication systems, including a lifetime lubrication option. The recommended lubrication system utilizes an integrated spray blade to distribute oil to moving parts and flush bearings, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

The mechanical display features a UV-resistant polycarbonate cover securely attached to an aluminum frame. This design provides robust protection against mechanical interference and tampering. The index is rotatable over 350º, allowing for the installation of multiple LF switches. Shielded LF contacts and actuation magnets prevent tampering through externally applied magnetic fields. The intelligent encoder, powered by AA batteries, transmits total volume data at regular intervals and is equipped with anti-interference technology.

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