GRLM70 Microwave radar level transmitter

GRLM70 Guided Microwave Guided Microwave Radar Level Transmitter for Liquids and Solids
Measuring range 40 m
Process temperature -40...+300°C
Protection degree IP67
Atex approval present

The GRLM70 Radar Level Transmitters are compact measuring devices consisting of a microwave pulse transmitter, a central processing unit and a display module.
The electronics transmit short electrical pulses (0.5 ns), which are connected to a OneWire transmission line (measuring electrode).

The measuring electrode can be a stainless steel bar or a rope. The impulse propagates along the electrode in the form of an electromagnetic wave towards the flat surface, where it is partially reflected and the reflected component is returned to the receiving module of the electronics.
The electronics measure the time of flight of the electromagnetic wave and the instantaneous distance to the surface level.
According to the level height, the meter output is set and the value is shown on the display.
Guided Wave Radar Level Meters are suitable for continuous level measurement of various liquids, slurry and bulk materials.
They are resistant to changes in the atmosphere (pressure, temperature, dust, vapor) and to changes in average parameters (variation of the dielectric constant, conductivity).
Linear measurement in non-conductive and differently shaped containers.

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