23SY Pressure transmitter

23SY Pressure transmitter neutral, food or aggressive fluids
Measuring range up 1000 bar
Process temperature -40...+100°C
Atex approval present
Accuracy ±0,25% Full scale

Line 23SY Pressure Transmitters have a very low temperature error.
This is achieved by an additional circuit that includes a temperature sensor that divides the temperature range into fields with a width of 1.5 Kelvin (K).
For each field, the compensation values for zero TK and gain TK are calculated based on a mathematical model and programmed into the additional circuit.

The 23SY series is characterized by its exceptional robustness against electromagnetic fields. The limit values of the CE standard for guided and sandblasted fields fall below Factor 10.

Price per Unit

€236.00(Vat excluded)
€287.92(Vat included)
Qty Unit price
(Vat excluded)
Unit price
(Vat included)
1 €236.00 €287.92
30 working days
Measurement techniques

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