RIV150 Paddle Flow switch

RIV150 Paddle flow switch. Suitable for water and neutral fluids.

RIV150 Paddle flow switch. Suitable for water and neutral fluids.
Riv150 paddle flow switch. suitable for water and neutral fluids.
Flow range from 4 l/min. up to 93 l/min
Output signal 1 Microswitch SPDT
Process connection from 3/8" Gas up to 2" Gas
Materialie nickel plated brass body - paddle stainless steel 316L
Temperature up to 110°C
Pressure up to 25 bar
Degree of protection IP65
Price from € 55,00
Variable depending on the configuration

The RIV150 vane flow switch is suitable for heating or air conditioning systems and refrigeration systems.
It is used to control the flow of non-corrosive liquids.

The stainless steel vane is moved by the flow which overcomes the reaction of the return spring. The terminal part of the vane arm is fixed to a primary magnet, which controls a secondary magnet outside the flow chamber and mounted on the contact lever of the microswitch.
The electric head is separate from the mechanical equipment of the instrument and can be replaced without removing the flow switch from the hydraulic circuit.

By opening the protective plastic it is possible to slightly change the interruption value by adjusting the indicator between the minimum and maximum.

The adjustment scale refers to the decreasing flow in the horizontal position.During installation, attention must be paid to the correct flow direction.
A free section of pipe must be provided in front of and behind the flow switch equal to at least five times the diameter of the pipe itself.

    Technical Characteristics

    Measuring principle:
      • Paddle
      Measuring range / adjustment:
        • 4÷93 Lt/min
        Precision Class:
          • ±15% VFS
          Operating temperature:
            • Max: 110 [°C]
            Pressure max:
              • 25 [Bar]
              Process connection:
                • 3/8" | 1/2" | 3/4" | 1" | 1"1/4 | 1"1/2 | 2"
                • Thread GAS
                Materials in contact with the media:
                  • Stainless steel AISI 316
                  • Brass
                    • EC Declaration of Conformity