RIV100 Paddle flow switch

RIV100 Vane flow switch for air
Measuring range from 2,5 m/s to 8 m/s
Process temperature -10…+85°C
Protection degree IP65
Atex approval Only safe zone

The Air Flow Switch is an essential device for effectively controlling the flow of air and non-corrosive gases in various contexts, such as air ducts, air conditioning and air treatment systems.
Its primary function is to signal an alarm in the event of a lack of flow or an excessive decrease in flow rate.

This versatile component is designed for use in distribution ducts in air conditioning and air handling systems, where precise flow control is crucial to ensure correct system operation.

The flow switch can be mounted in any position along the pipeline, as long as it follows the direction of flow.
To ensure accurate calibration, flow switches are preset to the minimum cut-off value.
However, you can adjust this value by turning the calibration screw to the right to achieve greater sensitivity.
It is important to note that, to avoid the risk of blade breakage at high air speeds above 5 m/s, it is necessary to cut the blade laterally in the indicated area.
This precaution affects the minimum detachment value, increasing it from 1 m/s to 2.5 m/s to ensure greater operational safety.
Furthermore, to maintain the stability of the blade, it is recommended to provide a section of straight pipe of at least 5 times the diameter both in front and behind the flow switch.
This arrangement helps to avoid air turbulences that could compromise the stability of the device.


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