OM5 Detector leakage of oil,water,diesel fuel,diesel

OM5 Detector leakage of oil,water,diesel fuel,diesel

OM5 Detector leakage of oil,water,diesel fuel,diesel
Measuring principle photoelectric
Output signal relay
Supply 230Vac
Input up to 5 detection probes  
Temperature 60°C
Degree of protection IP40

Price from € 490,00
OM5-WM5 is a detector for the visual and acoustic signaling of accumulations of liquid. OM5 is suitable to transport fuel oil EL, L or M, diesel, lubricating oils of low viscosity of hazard class A III (old classification VbF), motor oil, gear oils, hydraulic oils, vegetable and transformers.
The alarm unit in the casing wall promptly report any fluid accumulation that occurs due to leakage from a tank or stagnation or flooding.

The detector consists of a control unit with visual/audible alarm, test button confirmation and relay output. You can connect up to 5 probes, to be mounted at the lowest point of the space to be monitored. When it comes into contact with liquid sensor triggers the alarm. The audible alarm can be deactivated by pressing the confirmation button. The visual alarm remains active even after the repair of the cause of the loss, until you press the button "Unlock" on the device. The test button verifies the operation of the device by simulating an alarm. Ability to connect external display devices (horn) or communication systems (EMS) by contact potential-free relay. With a rack units alarm can be integrated in a control cabinet. For difficult operating conditions there is a seal kit (IP54) OM5/1 with additional sensor to signal reached the minimum level, eg. for fuel tanks.

• For storage rooms, manholes, tanks, double wall tanks

• With visual/audible alarms, test button confirmation and relay output
• Probe self-monitorante

    Technical Characteristics

    Measuring principle:
      • Photoelectric
      Outputs available:
        • Relé contact
        Operating voltage [V]:
          • 230 Vac
          Ambient temperature:
            • -10÷+60 [°C]
            Degree of protection:
              • IP40
                • EC Declaration of Conformity