RIL295 Magnetic Operated Level Switch

RIL295 Magnetic Operated Level Switch for Clean, Aggressive Liquids and Hydrocarbons
Measuring range Punctual detection
Process temperature up to 350°C
Protection degree IP67
Atex approval on request

The magnetic operated level switches of the RIL295 series are suitable for controlling the level of liquids in most industrial applications.

Installed at the foreseen threshold point, they perform the ON/OFF function and are used for a complete automatic activation of the management of the tanks (also under pressure) allowing to carry out operations such as start-stop of pumps, opening/closing of solenoid valves, activation of alarm systems.

Easy to install, they can be mounted both vertically and horizontally directly on the tank or, alternatively, in a special containment chamber outside the tank.
The rod is adjustable in length and is foldable.

The materials and sizing are defined in relation to the characteristics of the process liquid and the conditions of the project, the parts in contact with the fluid are available in steel (AISI 304, AISI316) or in plastic materials (PVC, PP, PVDF).

The level switch housings are available in different shapes to meet all possible application needs and are suitable for the most varied environmental and safety conditions.
They are available in a watertight version for general use or in an explosion-proof version for places with danger of explosion.

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