PS-E Intrinsically safe power supply 12-5 Vdc

PS-E Intrinsically safe power supply 12-5 Vdc. For ElcorPlus devices
Protection degree IP65
Atex approval present
Mouting on DIN guide
versions 60V powered versions (on request)

The PS-E intrinsically safe power supply is a power supply that converts a 12Vdc input voltage to a 5Vdc output voltage.

The power supply is designed for external power supply of the main electronics (volume corrector part/data recorder part) of these devices:

• ELCORplus
• ELCORplus indexer
• ELCOR lite
• DATCOM plus
• DATCOM lite

The PS-E power supply must be powered with a continuous voltage of 12 Vdc. The power supply is built into a plastic case and is intended for mounting on a 35mm DIN rail.

From the point of view of use in potentially explosive atmospheres, the power supply is designed as an associated appliance, which must be installed outside the hazardous area.

To be powered externally, the ELCORplus/DATCOMplus data corrector/recorder must be equipped with the S3-PWR1 plug-in module.


Price per Unit

€101.50(Vat excluded)
€123.83(Vat included)
Qty Unit price
(Vat excluded)
Unit price
(Vat included)
1 €101.50 €123.83
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