PSE550 Pressure differential transmitter

PSE550 Differential pressure transmitter suitable for air
Measuring range 0...2 kPa
Process temperature 0…+50°C
Protection degree IP40
Signal output analog 1...5 V or 4...20 mA

PSE550 Differential Pressure Transmitters are mainly used as protection against too low pressure differences.
These relative or differential pressure transmitters with respect to the atmosphere are used in all those applications where it is necessary to monitor non-corrosive air and gases.
The sensor output signal is conditioned to provide an output current or output voltage linearly proportional to the applied differential pressure.

The transmitters, calibrated in the factory, are ready for use.
They are used for the monitoring of clean rooms, filter control, flow measurements (use with Pitot tube), machines for wrapping and packaging, ventilation control.

Measurement techniques

Food industry

With hygienic sensor solutions made of stainless steel, Riels® Instruments meets the high hygiene requirements in the food industry. We ensure continuous and lasting safety, solving chemical and thermal resistance challenges to protect products and processes.

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Water & Wastewater

Water is a precious commodity. Monitoring of water resources is very important and Riels® Instruments supplies sensors for measuring flow, level, pressure in the water and wastewater treatment sector.

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Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industry

In the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, excellence requires cutting-edge technologies. Riels® Instruments, with its wide range of instruments for industrial automation, satisfies every need, guaranteeing rigorous safety and precision standards.

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Oil & Gas | Offshore

Oil and gas fuel industry and the progress of civilization. In the mining and refining sector, with tankers and pipelines, safety is paramount. We are committed to ensuring high safety standards to support the oil industry and its vital role in modern society.

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