RABO Rotary piston flow meter

RABO Rotary piston gas carrier meter for outdoor installations
Measuring range Up to 650 m³/h
Process temperature Up to 70°C
Signal output Pulses
Process pressure Up to 20 bar
The RABO flow meter represents a versatile solution for measuring gases belonging to Categories I, II, and III according to the EN 437:2009 standard, as well as a wide range of technical gases.

With its operating temperature range spanning from -25°C to +70°C, the RABO is well-suited for diverse environments. Its measuring capacity of up to 1:160 allows for significant precision, while the body constructed from aluminum or spheroidal cast iron ensures robustness and long-term durability.

Compact dimensions and a 5-year maintenance interval make the RABO meter a practical and low-maintenance solution. Moreover, the rotatable totalizer is designed to be mounted both horizontally and vertically, providing installation flexibility. With its 8-digit totalizers, the device enables accurate monitoring of the measured gas quantities.

This rotary piston gas meter operates based on the principle of displacing defined gas quantities. This volumetric approach renders the meter independent of installation influences, making it particularly suitable for compact setups with limited straight inlet sections. The rotating pistons, connected by synchronized gear wheels, rotate without contact when the gas flows, delivering a consistent and repeatable amount of gas on the outlet side. The rotary motion of the pistons is then transmitted to the mechanical totalizer through a reduction box and a magnetic joint, ensuring precise recording of the measured volumes.

Furthermore, the RABO meter is designed to comply with regulations and safety standards. It is equipped with pulse transmitters such as the BF IN-Sx (reed contact, standard) and HF A1K (Namur sensor, optional), both certified according to ATEX safety requirements. This ensures safe operation in potentially explosive environments.
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