RIC500 Temperature transmitter

RIC500 Temperature transmitter for liquids, gases and vapours
Measuring range up to 250°C
Atex approval Only safe zone
Signal output 4÷20 mA
Probe in PT100 | PT1000

Temperature Transmitters play an important role in amplifying and standardizing the signals from temperature sensors. They are commonly mounted on top of the probe, allowing installation even in limited spaces.

To increase accuracy, some transmitters are directly integrated into the mineral-insulated probes, allowing for error compensation.

To achieve maximum accuracy and connectivity, MODBUS digital temperature sensors and transmitters are available.

These devices are not limited to just converting signals, they offer advanced functionality. They are intelligent, flexible and highly accurate, representing a crucial element in the measurement chain.

In addition to improving safety, digital transmitters optimize process efficiency by enabling accurate monitoring of temperatures.

Thanks to digital technology, temperature transmitters can provide greater accuracy and reliability than their analog predecessors.

They can be easily configured and controlled locally or remotely, providing greater flexibility in applications.

Temperature transmitters therefore represent an advanced solution for thermal monitoring needs in harsh environments and demanding applications.

Measurement techniques

Food industry

With hygienic sensor solutions made of stainless steel, Riels® Instruments meets the high hygiene requirements in the food industry. We ensure continuous and lasting safety, solving chemical and thermal resistance challenges to protect products and processes.

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Water & Wastewater

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Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industry

In the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, excellence requires cutting-edge technologies. Riels® Instruments, with its wide range of instruments for industrial automation, satisfies every need, guaranteeing rigorous safety and precision standards.

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Oil & Gas | Offshore

Oil and gas fuel industry and the progress of civilization. In the mining and refining sector, with tankers and pipelines, safety is paramount. We are committed to ensuring high safety standards to support the oil industry and its vital role in modern society.

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