RIL410 Radar level transmitter

RIL410 Radar level transmitter suitable for solids. Frequency 26GHz.
Measuring range Up to 70 m
Process temperature -40...+250°C
Protection degree IP67
Atex approval Only safe zone

RIL410 is a Radar Level Transmitter for continuous monitoring of solids in silos, including those with extreme process conditions with the presence of dust (cement, plastic / pellets, cereals, coal, wood dust, fly ash) and high temperatures (up to at 250°C).

The RIL410 Radar Level Transmitter includes an optional graphical interface in the Local Display (LDI), which improves configuration and operation via an intuitive quick start wizard and has echo diagnostic support.
Start-up is easy using the "quick start" wizard which allows basic operation by entering a few parameters.

RIL410 measures virtually any solid material up to a distance of 70m.
It has a unique design and simple and secure programming.

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