RIL405 Radar level transmitter

RIL405 Radar level transmitter for liquids and muds. Frequency 26 GHz.
Measuring range up to 30 m
Process temperature -40...+250°C
Protection degree IP67
Atex approval Only safe zone

RIL405 is a two-wire 26 GHz Radar Level Transmitter, recommended for monitoring continuous liquid and sludge in storage tanks, in process tanks with agitators, vaporising liquids, substances with low dielectric constant and high temperatures and pressures, for measuring ranges up to 30 m.
This radar level transmitter has a local graphical interface that improves configuration and operation thanks to an intuitive Quick Start Wizard (quick start wizard) and viewing echo profiles for diagnostic support. Thanks to the guided quick start, the start-up procedure is much easier as only a few parameters are required for basic operation.
With the frequency of 26 GHz it creates a narrow and concentrated radar cone that allows the use of small antennas with reduced sensitivity for fixed obstacles.
RIL405 measures perfectly with low dielectric constants even in small vessels.


  • Local graphical user interface (LUI) simplifies operation via plug & play with the help of the intuitive quick start assistant
  • HE shows echo profiles for diagnostic support
  • Insensitivity to false echoes due to fixed obstacles
  • Reduced dead zone for an improved minimum measuring range up to 50mm (2 ") from the antenna tip
  • Signal processing with Process Intelligence for better measurement reliability and automatic suppression of false echoes due to fixed obstacles
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