RIL700-2 Frequency scanning level switch

RIL700-2 Level sensor suitable for any type of liquid, dense, viscous, sticky, pasty, oily and for solids.
Measuring range Punctual detection
Process temperature -40...+105°C
Protection degree IP67
Atex approval on request

The RIL7002 level sensor has the advantage of eliminating foam residues on the electrode and is designed to ensure reliable detection of the level limit for a wide range of fluids, dense materials, and pastes.
Thanks to its versatility, it can be used with liquids, acids, bases, alcohol, ammonia, acetone, chlorine, and many others, even at extreme temperatures down to -40°C.

One of the most significant features of the RIL7002 sensor is its resistance to the adhesion of viscous and sticky substances, meaning that the sensor remains efficient and accurate even in the presence of materials that tend to accumulate on the sensing surfaces.

The device is designed to replace traditional vibration level sensors, offering superior performance and more accurate results. Additionally, it boasts a unique function called the "Media Window," where the sensor responds only to the specific medium set, ignoring substances with lower or higher permittivity. This function is particularly advantageous in differentiating between various materials in the tank or container, such as distinguishing oil from water or air, or detecting only the foam of a beverage like beer while ignoring the beer and surrounding air.

The installation of the RIL7002 sensor can be done directly in tanks, containers, wells, tubes, and other containers, significantly simplifying the installation process. Furthermore, the sensor settings can be configured using a magnetic pen, making management and calibration of the device easy and accessible.

The RIL7002 sensor operates at high frequencies, enabling reliable fluid level detection and eliminating deposits or foam on the electrode. This aspect is crucial to ensure optimal performance and prolonged sensor life by eliminating the influence of viscous fluid deposits and electrically conductive adhesive products.

The sensor is extremely robust and durable, capable of withstanding demanding industrial environments without compromising its reliability. At one end, it is equipped with a sensing electrode, while at the other end, it terminates with a status indicator, control elements, and electrical connections.

The RIL7002 is available in several configurations:

- N for normal atmospheres
- Xi explosion-proof for hazardous areas (explosive)
- XiM explosion-proof for mining environments with a risk of methane presence or flammable dust.

This allows for adapting the sensor to the specific needs of industrial applications.

In conclusion, the high-frequency RIL7002 level sensor represents a reliable and versatile solution for detecting the level limits of liquid and paste substances in industrial environments. Its ability to detect a wide range of materials, resistance to accumulation and adhesion, the "Media Window" function, and the various performance options available make it a valuable tool for diverse applications, ensuring precise results and operational safety.

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