FMR-30 Rotary Piston Gas Quantometers

FMR-30 Rotary piston gas quantometers for non-corrosive gases.
Measuring range up to 650 m³/h
Process temperature up to 70°C
Signal output pulses
Process pressure up to 30 bar

FMR-30 quantometers consist of an aluminum cartridge inserted into a body also made of aluminum. The cartridge can be removed and inserted while keeping the body installed. This allows local repairs, such as main bearing replacement and cleaning, to be carried out on site. Rotary meters are developed with an optimized body construction. Due to the special design and sturdy aluminum construction, rotary meters can be used with higher pressures. Because this development was made as an optimization for standard bodies, there is no need for a steel body for pressures up to 30 bar.

Aluminum bodies are given special treatment to increase strength but still maintain their light weight. FMG-30 rotary gas meters have a rotating disc to distribute oil directly to the timing gears. The mechanism is designed to prevent oil loss at high loads or from pressure changes and maintains sufficient lubrication at low flows. Since the lubrication system operates between 40% and 120% of maximum flow, installation size is no longer critical. The oil supplied with the meter is suitable for 10 years of operation under normal conditions.

The index can be equipped with an intelligent encoder. The encoder sends the total volume with a 400 msec interval using a standard NAMUR serial data format; it can be modified for special applications upon request. The encoder is powered by an AA battery guaranteed for 12 years of operation. The encoder is equipped with a special Hall sensor to detect and record interference from external magnets. Several programmable inputs/outputs are available for advanced anti-fraud functions.

FMG-30 rotary meters can be equipped with two built-in thermowells useful for connecting a volume corrector to the meter to record gas volumes under standard conditions.

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