FMR-Dual Rotary piston flow meter

FMR-Dual Rotary Piston Gas Flow Meter for Precision Measurements
Measuring range Up to 1000 m³/h
Process temperature Up to 80°C
Signal output Pulses
Process pressure Up to 40 bar

The aluminum bodies of the FMR-Dual series undergo a special treatment that imparts them with increased strength without compromising the lightweight nature that distinguishes them.

Turbine meters exhibit a limited operating range and require meticulous calibration under close-to-operational conditions, especially when dealing with high-pressure natural gas. This limitation, along with the added calibration costs, makes them less appealing compared to the larger FMR-Dual rotary meters, which are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to turbine meters.

The FMR-Dual series has overcome the challenges of conventional rotary meters, such as pulsations and resonance, through its innovative pulse-free design. These meters adopt a configuration with two sets of impellers phased 180 degrees apart, effectively cancelling out pulsations by counteracting the characteristic sinusoidal pattern and its associated resonances. The result is remarkably impressive: the pulse-free rotary meters of the FMR-Dual series are exceptionally quiet and incredibly precise.

Another advantage of this series lies in the choice to use relatively shorter impellers. These more compact impellers retain their integrity over time, ensuring reliable long-term performance. However, attention must be paid to the connection point of the two sets of impellers in the pulse-free meters, as this mechanical junction is particularly sensitive to load differences between the two sets of impellers. To address this challenge, the FMR-Dual meter employs significantly sturdier edge and spigot shafts to securely connect the two sets of impellers, ensuring dependable long-term performance.

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