FMR Rotary piston gas meters

FMR Low-pressure rotary piston gas meters for natural gas
Measuring range up to 1000 m³/h
Process temperature up to 70°C
Signal output pulses
Process pressure up to 21 bar

The FMG rotary gas meter series is designed to meet the highest measurement requirements. These meters are approved according to the Measurement Directive (MID 2014/32/EU) and are fully compliant with EN12480:2002, EN12480:2015 and OIML R137 1&2 (2014). Their compact and interchangeable aluminum cartridge allows local repair and cleaning on site. The robust case and cartridge design makes the meters less susceptible to installation stresses caused by connection to piping. A significant amount of misalignment of piping or connecting flanges can be tolerated by the meter without affecting performance.

The FMR's aluminum case is designed for operating pressures up to 20 bar, with a safety factor of 4. The geometry of the pistons and the position of bearings and shafts make the meter less sensitive to overloads and pressure shocks.

The totalizer's aluminum case and LF contact protection make it difficult to manipulate the measurement even with powerful neodymium magnets. Several low-frequency and high-frequency outputs are available for calculation or flow control.

The FMR rotary meter series is suitable for measuring noncorrosive gases such as natural gas, propane, butane, air, and hydrogen. Typical applications include gas distribution in low, medium pressure networks.

All oil-level plugs, sensors, and glasses can be sealed (with wire) and thus the meter is not vulnerable to manipulation. For example, if the oil compartment were accessible, metrological performance could be altered (by increasing or decreasing mechanical friction) by changing the properties of the oil. In addition to the mechanical precautions, the display can be equipped with an intelligent encoder, which records the date and time of all unauthorized access or manipulation attempts, such as magnetic interference, reverse flows, etc.

FMG rotary meters can be equipped with two thermowells to supplement the mechanical totalizer with a volume converter.

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