ELCORplus gas volume converter - MID approved

ELCORplus gas volume converter - MID approved

ELCORplus gas volume converter - MID approved
ELCORplus Riels Instruments
Gas volume corrector for turbine meters
Integrated pressure and temperature sensor
Modbus communication RS232/RS485
Optional analogue and digital outputs
Optional GSM module
Battery operation
Atex version
MID approved
Price from € 935,00

ELCORplus detects low frequency pulses of the gas volume measured at the operating conditions coming from a gas meter.
It measures the pressure and the operating temperature of the gas, calculates the compressibility coefficient K and the conversion factor C.
Using these initial data, it is possible to calculate the gas volumes at standard conditions, the flow values ​​at standard conditions and the flow values ​​at the operating conditions.

The volume converter consists of a central unit equipped with an integrated or external pressure sensor and a temperature sensor.
The sensors are permanently connected to the unit. The compressibility coefficient K can be programmed as a fixed value for all gases or calculated according to various methods.
The additional components for data retransmission and explosion-proof isolation of the interfaces and the intrinsically safe external power supply extend the range of possible uses of the converter.


Conversion of gas volumes
Monitoring of measured values ​​and typical functions of a measurement station

      Technical Characteristics

      Outputs available:
        • RS485 Modbus
          Moduli opzionali:
          uscite digitali configurabili
        Ambient temperature:
          • -25÷70°C
            • Up to 10 digital
            Nominal Power supply:
              • 5÷10V DC or with battery with 6 years autonomy
                • LCD 128x64 pixels . Display of all parameters including the archive
                Communication protocols:
                  • RS232
                    • MID Approval
                    • ATEX Declaration
                    • EC Declaration of Conformity