WI-N Woltman meters for irrigation and sewage.

WI-N Woltman meters for irrigation and sewage. Flow rate up to 450 m³/h.

WI-N Woltman meters for irrigation and sewage. Flow rate up to 450 m³/h.
Measuring principle turbine bypass
Measuring range up to 450 m³/h
Mechanical register 
Process connection from DN50 to DN200
Materials Cast iron
Temperature up to 50°C
Price from € 180,00 to 380,00
Variable depending on the configuration

Waters particularly dirty, as for example in agriculture, water treatment plants or exhaust require counters very robust that work reliably even in particularly severe conditions.

The countersWI-N RIELS for irrigation correspond to these features, the display of measurement is positioned in the upper part of the pipe, where usually there are few suspended particles.
The counter can operate with a load in suspension up to 30%.
In the case of particularly dirty fluids, it is advisable the use of a filter upstream of the meter.

The measurement unit tested at the factory is the same for all sizes and can be supplied in the following metrological classes:
Qmax-Qt: ± 3% (class A + B)
Qt-Qmin: ± 5% (value class A)

The watch is fully encapsulated and then protected from impurities.
Counters for irrigation are supplied with a metal cap with lock, which protects the watch safely in difficult conditions.

At any time you can add pulse transmitters receivable and payable without damaging the seal of verification.
There are all versions of Reed contact sensors and opticians and inductive NAMUR thereby making it a no-brainer integration in communication systems, automation and control.

Technical Characteristics

Measuring principle:
    • Turbine
    Measuring range / adjustment:
      • 3÷450 [m³/h]
      Precision Class:
        • ±3% VFS
        • ±5% VFS
        Outputs available:
          • Pulses
          Operating temperature:
            • Up to 50 [°C]
            Pressure max:
              • 16 [Bar]
              Process connection:
                • Flanged from DN50 to DN200
                Materials in contact with the media:
                  • Cast iron
                  • Stainless steel AISI 316
                  Degree of protection:
                    • IP68