RIL600 VisuLevel. Magnetic level indicators communicating vessels

RIL600 VisuLevel. Magnetic level indicators communicating vessels. For neutral liquids and aggressive fluids

RIL600 VisuLevel. Magnetic level indicators communicating vessels. For neutral liquids and aggressive fluids
Measuring principle of communicating vessels 
Measuring range up to 6000 mm
Process connection up ½" to 1 ½" (optional flanged version)
Materials stainless steel AISI304 - AISI316L - AISI316 Ti (optional PVC - PP - PVDF)
Temperature up to 350°C - Pressure up to 125 bar
Output signal SPDT or DPDT running bistable
Price from € 540,00
Variable depending on the configuration

The level gauges communicating vessels of the series and RIL600 VisuLevel magnetically operated serve for display in the field of liquid level in the majority of industrial applications, even in the presence of high pressure and high temperature.
They can be installed vertically on the side of the tank or tank top.

The magnetic level indicators can be equipped with electrical contacts or with potentiometric transmitter for a complete setup of the automatic management of tanks (also under pressure), tanks, boilers and for controlling pumps, valves, alarm systems.
They are equipped with electrical contacts bistable reed switch, positioned at the threshold points, they make control more points with a single instrument. On request, they can be equipped with potentiometric transmitter that allows to obtain a reliable continuous indication of the level of the liquid contained in the tank, even in hazardous area. Thanks to the total separation between the indicator and the process can safely measure any type of toxic or corrosive fluid without risk to health or the environment. Typical applications include measures liquid level in tanks above ground and in the presence of corrosive liquids thanks to the PVC version.


  • Local indication
  • Suitable for aggressive and corrosive
  • Suitable for high pressures and high temperatures

Technical Characteristics

Measuring principle:
    • Communicating vessels
    Measuring range / adjustment:
      • 200÷5700 [mm]
      Outputs available:
        • With converter:
        • 4÷20 [mA]
        • DPDT contact
        • SPDT contact
        Operating temperature:
          • Steels: -25÷+350 [°C]
            PVC:-20÷+70 [°C]
            PP: -20÷+105 [°C]
            PVDF: -20÷+130 [°C]
          Pressure max:
            • Steels: < 125 [Bar]
              PVC | PP | PVDF: < 16 [Bar]
            Process connection:
              • Flanged
              Materials in contact with the media:
                • PP
                  Polycarbonate or Pyrex
                  Plastic or alnico
                  Buna N
                • Stainless steel AISI 316
                • Hastelloy C
                • PVC
                • PVDF
                • Titanium
                Degree of protection:
                  • IP67
                  • IP68
                    • Electrical equipment trasmitter
                    • Drain valve
                    • Vent valve
                      • PED Certification
                      • RINA Certification
                      • ATEX Declaration
                      • EC Declaration of Conformity
                      • M.M.I.Approval