RIL600 VisuLevel Magnetic Level Indicators with communicating vessels

RIL600 VisuLevel Communicating vessel magnetic level indicators for neutral and aggressive liquid fluids
Measuring range up to 5000 mm
Process temperature up to 350°C
Protection degree IP67
Atex approval on request

The RIL600 VisuLevel series magnetic level indicators are used to visualize the liquid level in the field in most industrial applications, even in the presence of high pressure and high temperature.

Operation based on the principle of communicating vessels.
Lateral external or vertical mounting inside the tank.

Typical applications include level measurements for liquids on above ground tanks and in the presence of corrosive liquids thanks to the PVC version.

The magnetic level indicators can be equipped with electrical contacts or with a potentiometric transmitter for a complete automatic activation of the management of tanks (also under pressure), tanks, boilers and for the control of pumps, valves, alarm systems.
Equipped with bistable reed switch electrical contacts, positioned at the required threshold points, they allow you to control multiple intervention points with a single instrument.

On request, they can be equipped with a potentiometric transmitter that allows you to obtain a reliable continuous indication of the level of the liquid contained in the tank, even in a hazardous area.

Thanks to the total separation between the indicator and the process, it is possible to safely measure any type of toxic or corrosive fluid without risk to health or the environment.

For the principle of communicating vessels as the level of the liquid contained in the tank changes, a float, inserted in the body of the indicator, follows the trend of the fluid both increasing and decreasing.
A series of two-color magnetic rollers (model RIL600) or a two-color marker (model RIò600) or a two-color marker ( RIL600.V model) which are magnetically activated by the movement of the float.

When the tank is empty, the rolls are all presented with the white side facing the observer.
As the level increases, the rollers rotate on themselves by 180° showing the red side. The point of separation between the two colors indicates the level of the liquid reached in the tank.

As the level increases, the marker flows into the tube.
The point of separation between the two colors indicates the level of the liquid reached in the tank.

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