RIL670 VisuLevel Level Level Indicators with communicating vessels

RIL670 VisuLevel Level Level indicators with 4÷20 mA output for liquids, water, diesel, mineral oils, glycol
Measuring range up to 3000 mm
Process temperature up to 130°C
Protection degree IP65
Atex approval Only safe zone

The Visual Level Indicators of the RIL670  series allow you to check the liquid level at any time in a constant, clear and precise way.
The principle used is that of communicating vessels: the liquid crosses the level by means of hollow screws, revealing to the user the precise point of the liquid inside the tank.
Lateral external or vertical mounting inside the tank.

The display is made more effective by inserting a float into the transparent tube that houses a magnet inside, whose field operates small reeds placed inside a stainless steel tube applied to the level indicator without physical contact.
The actuation of these contacts allows the gradual insertion or deactivation of resistors, also placed inside the stainless steel tube (raster), generating a resistive signal that can be used in various ways (e.g. 4÷20 mA), proportional to the level of the liquid inside the tank.
The float sliding in the transparent tube urges, if required, one or more bistable sensors, which can be positioned at will along the axis of the level indicator and only when the float completes the reverse path will the sensor calm down.


Constant and continuous indication of the liquid level with high repeatability accuracy.
Linear indication of the liquid level, regardless of the shape of the tank and the distance between the level indicator and the tank walls Visual indication of the level measurement in the field and at a distance. Activation, by means of sensors, of additional controls.

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