MNR03 Indicator membrane level.

MNR03 Indicator membrane level. For solid powdery or granular

MNR03 Indicator membrane level. For solid powdery or granular
Principle of measurement pressure
On request ATEX version
Process connection flange D.180 mm
Safekeeping die-cast aluminum IP55, shaft stainless steel 
Temperature up to 100°C
Price from € 95,00

The level indicator membraneMNR03 is indicated for the control of handling and dosing of powders and granules such as: feed, flour, plastic granules, lime, chipboard and the like and for the cotrol of solids.
His job is to report the level reached by the materials due to the pressure exerted on the instrument that is transmitted to a microswitch.

The operation of this level indicator is very simple and purely mechanical so as not to require any additional power supply.
The tension of membrane is adjustable by register-screw and compression spring.
Vertical or tilted at 45°.
Wiring with Faston vibration.

Technical Characteristics

Measuring principle:
    • Membrane
    Outputs available:
      • SPDT contact
      Operating temperature:
        • -10÷+100 [°C]
        • -10÷+70 [°C]
        Ambient temperature:
          • Rubber membrane: -10÷+70 [°C]
            Viton membrane: -10÷+100 [°C]
          Process connection:
            • Flanged: 4 holes
            Materials in contact with the media:
              • Rubber
              • Viton
              • [Depending on the model]
              Degree of protection:
                • IP55
                  • EC Declaration of Conformity