SAL500 Conductive sensor for leak detection

SAL500 Conductive sensor for detecting the presence of water. To be combined with UAL358
Measuring range punctual detection
Process temperature 0...45°C
Protection degree IP67

SAL500 is the sensor that detects the presence of water or liquids with a minimum conductivity of 60 MicroSiemens.
It must be combined with the UAL358 anti-flooding detector.

Low residue mineral water has a conductivity of around 150 MicroSiemens. Normal mains water has a minimum of about 100 MicroSiemens


Price per Unit

€61.60(Vat excluded)
€75.15(Vat included)
Qty Unit price
(Vat excluded)
Unit price
(Vat included)
1 €61.60 €75.15
10 working days
Measurement techniques

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