TD2 Thermal dispersion flow switch

TD2 Thermal dispersion flow switch. For liquids or gases, including corrosive ones. Explosion-proof Atex.
Process temperature Up to 450°C
Atex approval present
Signal output DPDT
Thermal Flow Switches are an advanced solution for gas and liquid flow sensing, as well as level and liquid-liquid interface measurement.
Their structure includes a DIN rail panel mounted electronic unit and a remote sensor, providing clear flow indications through LEDs and reporting any system errors.

Key features of these devices include ease of field calibration, with the possibility of pre-calibration by the manufacturer.
They can detect variable flows or the presence/absence of flow for gases and liquids, offering excellent sensitivity even at low flows.
Continuous diagnostics enable early detection of sensor failures, while constant flow monitoring via LEDs ensures optimal system management.

Additionally, the mA output provides repeatable indication for both flow rate and fault detection, and the option of a retractable fitting facilitates disassembly under continuous process conditions.
Operational versatility is highlighted by process conditions supported up to +450°C and 414 bar, with a unique ball end design ideal for liquids or high viscosity applications.

These devices comply with Atex explosion-proof requirements.

As for applications, the thermal flow switches are suitable for all types of gases and liquids, with the possibility of installation on tanks with pipe dimensions of at least 1/4".
The maximum length of the sensor reaches 3.3 m, allowing installation in any angle, vertical or horizontal.
They can be used on conductive/non-conductive products, from extremely low densities to high viscosities (up to 10,000 cP), with the ability to be set to ignore foam, aeration, turbulence and cavitation.
The technology used in Thermal Flow Switches is based on proven thermal dispersion, with a sensor composed of two thermoresistors (RTD).
The former serves as a reference, while the latter is heated to a temperature higher than that of the process.
The electronic circuit detects the temperature difference between the two resistors, providing a reliable and responsive indication.
The adjustment of the switching point allows you to activate the alarm in case of desired deviations, ensuring precise control of the system.

As far as sensor structures are concerned, we offer two variants: the two-element sensor and the ball-end sensor.
Both show excellent performance, with the ball-end sensor offering faster response in no-flow or dry conditions.

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€1,988.60(Vat included)
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