VZO Oscillating piston flow meters

VZO Flow Meters for fuel oils with mechanical register and pulse transmitter
Measuring range Up to 30.000 l/min
Process temperature Up to 180°C
Process pressure Up to 40 bar
Accuracy Up to ± 0,3%


  • Optimal solution for every application
  • Simple consumption monitoring 
  • Manual dosing feature
  • Can be mounted on the pressure or suction side of a pump Space saving installation, because no straight inlet / outlet sections are required
  • Flexible mounting of the meter in horizontal, vertical or inclined positions
  • Accurate measurement result, since the reading is independent of the temperature and viscosity of the fluid
  • Minimum failure costs due to simple function monitoring, rapid fault analysis and the possibility of simple repairs on site.

Areas of application:

  • To measure fuel consumption of oil burners (e. g. in heating boilers, industrial furnaces, refinery plants)
  • Consumption monitoring and optimization (ships, generators, etc.)
  • Flow measurement for mineral oils
  • Optional remote processing and integration into superior systems
  • Manual dosing / filling / batch processing

Price per Unit

€755.00(Vat excluded)
€921.10(Vat included)
Qty Unit price
(Vat excluded)
Unit price
(Vat included)
1 €755.00 €921.10
25 working days

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