RIL800-20 Capacitive Level Transmitter

RIL800-20 Capacitive Level Transmitter. Suitable for Liquids or Solids. Up to 2000 mm
Measuring range up to 2 m.
Process temperature -40...+300°C
Atex approval on request
Electrode type uncoated bar

The Capacitive Level Transmitters RIL800 are the ideal solution for continuous measurement of liquid or bulk solid levels within tanks, containers, wells, silos, and hoppers.

Their versatility makes them suitable for a wide range of applications, allowing for direct and precise installation.

A distinctive feature of these level transmitters is their ease of configuration. By using a magnetic pen, preferences can be set without the need to completely empty the tank. This saves time and money, ensuring optimal efficiency.

A strong point is their ability to perform linear measurements even in non-conductive containers or with irregular shapes.
Visual indication of the operating status and level, made possible by bright LEDs, adds further convenience and efficiency.

The wide range of electrical connection options, including connectors and cable glands, allows for total flexibility in installation. Additionally, the use of high-quality materials such as stainless steel for casings, electrodes, and reference tubes ensures durability and long-term resistance.

These devices consist of a housing with an electronic module and measuring electrodes. The electrodes can be rod-type or cable-type, depending on the requirements. The maximum length of the rod-type electrode is 2 meters, making it suitable for measuring bulk solids such as cement, flour, sand, and plastic granules, as well as non-conductive liquids like vegetable oil, diesel, and gasoline.

Furthermore, the electrodes can be coated with insulating materials for adhesive, aggressive, or electrically conductive fluids. This allows for adapting the device to specific application conditions.

The RIL800 is available in various configurations, including options for high temperature and ATEX certification for explosion protection, thus catering to different industrial needs.

  • N – for non-explosive areas
  • NT – high temperature
  • Xi – explosion-proof – intrinsically safe for hazardous (explosive) areas
  • XiM – explosion-proof – intrinsically safe for use in mines with potential presence of methane or flammable dust (see technical specifications).
  • XiT – high temperature for explosive environments
  • XiMT – high temperature for mining environments

Price per Unit

€203.00(Vat excluded)
€247.66(Vat included)
Qty Unit price
(Vat excluded)
Unit price
(Vat included)
1 €203.00 €247.66
25 working days
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