ORAKEL Submerged Area-Velocity flow sensor

ORAKEL Submerged Area-Velocity flow sensor. For Open Channels and Pipes.

ORAKEL Submerged Area-Velocity flow sensor. For Open Channels and Pipes.
Principle of flow measurement using ultrasonic technology 
Velocity range up to 4 m/sec
Output signal 4÷20mA continues - digital
Versatile sensor installation-easy to place in the channel
Resists fouling and corrosion
Price on request
  • Resists fouling and corrosion
  • It requires little maintenance
  • Easy to install on channel or pipe
  • The control unit allows up to 15 additional sensors to be included

The ORAKEL submerged area velocity flow sensor is a robust speed doppler sensor that uses ultrasound technology to measure the flow of wastewater accurately and reliably.

The sensor is installed inside the open channel, and simultaneously uses ultrasonic waves to measure  liquid flow rate and pressure sensing technology to determine depth.
The preconfigured dimensions of the pipe or channel are used to determine the total volume of flow.
An integrated temperature sensor provides enhanced measurement accuracy.
It is possible to monitor multiple sensors from each ORAKEL control unit.

The sensor is especially designed to measure the volumetric flow of waste and industrial water.
Thanks to its robust component,the submerged area sensor can be used in  open channels, sewers and sewer pipes.
The robust design also allows for depth and velocity measurements under the most dangerous circumstances.

Technical Characteristics

Measuring principle:
    • Ultrasonic
    Measuring range / adjustment:
      • 0.03÷4 m/s
      Outputs available:
        • 4÷20 [mA]
        • RS485 Modbus
        Operating temperature:
          • -20÷+60 [°C]
          Degree of protection:
            • IP68
              • EC Declaration of Conformity