RIF970 Radar Flow Meter

RIF970 Radar wave flow meter for rivers and open channels
Measuring range 0,4...40 m
Protection degree IP67
Signal output ModBus RTU
Mouting On bracket provided in package

The RIF970 is a high-precision radar flow meter that combines a radar tachometer and a radar water level meter to detect fluid surface velocity and calculate flow rate. The device operates over a wide temperature range and has an IP67 degree of protection, making it suitable for harsh environments. It uses a transmission frequency of 24...24.25GHz and supports RS-232/RS-485 communication interfaces with MODBUS-RTU protocols.

The design includes an antenna with angles of 14 x 32° for velocity and 11 x 11° for water level, enabling accurate and reliable measurements.

For installation, the RIF970 requires a straight, stable channel section free of significant obstacles such as boulders or eddies. It is critical that the water flow be concentrated and that the section be smooth and hardened to prevent debris buildup. Configuring the RS485 network with termination resistors is essential to maintain signal integrity over long distances.


Price per Unit

€2,400.00(Vat excluded)
€2,928.00(Vat included)
Qty Unit price
(Vat excluded)
Unit price
(Vat included)
1 €2,400.00 €2,928.00
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