RIF107 Electromagnetic flow meter

RIF107 Battery flanged electromagnetic flow meter for conductive liquids
Measuring range 0...15 m/s
Process temperature up to 130°C
Signal output NPN pulses
Process pressure up to 64 bar
The RIF107 is an electromagnetic flow meter that utilizes Faraday's principle to measure the velocity of the liquid and convert it into a signal proportional to the flow.

Among its advantages are good precision, with a maximum deviation of ±0.5% from the measured value, complete indifference to the viscosity of the fluid, minimal pressure loss, and the ability to measure foamy liquids and those with suspended solids.

Electronic Flow Converter CV030

It can be supplied in the compact version connected directly to the body or in the separate version connected to the body with a special cable of minimum length 10 meters.

The converter displays the instantaneous flow and has a positive totalizer, a negative one and a net totalizer.

The converter is powered by a 3.6V battery and has a variable autonomy from 3 to 8 years. A variant with a 24Vdc auxiliary power supply is available.

The outputs available to the converter are:

  • An impulse output to retransmit the totalizer that does not require external power.
  • An analog output 4…20mA to retransmit the instantaneous flow, usable only if the converter is powered at 24Vdc.

The communication protocol is Modbus RS485.

The features and benefits of this instrument make it suitable for applications such as:

  • Wastewater and municipal water treatment
  • Metallurgical industries
  • Paper mills
  • Petrochemical plants
  • Chemical product monitoring

Available electrode materials include:
  • AISI316L: Stainless steel suitable for use with mildly corrosive liquids, widely used in petrochemical, chemical, and carbamide industries.
  • Hastelloy B: Resistant to hydrochloric acids at temperatures below the boiling point and oxidizing acids.
  • Hastelloy C: Exceptional resistance to oxidizing salt solutions and acids, such as Fe+++, Cu++, and nitric acids.
  • Titanium: Resistant to corrosive liquids like seawater and chloride and hypochlorite salts, but incompatible with highly concentrated sulfuric and hydrochloric acid solutions.
  • Tantalum: High resistance to corrosive liquids, perfect for chemical-pharmaceutical industries.
  • Platinum-Iridium: Applicable to all chemical media except ammonium salts and Fortis.
  • Stainless steel covered with tungsten carbide.

Price per Unit

€1,340.00(Vat excluded)
€1,634.80(Vat included)
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Unit price
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25 working days
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