Z-5DI-2DO Multifunction Digital Module with Modbus Protocol

Z-5DI-2DO Digital module with 5 inputs and 2 outputs with Modbus RTU protocol
Atex approval Only safe zone
Signal output Modbus RTU protocol
Inputs digitali reed, proximity, PNP, NPN
Mouting 35 mm IEC EN 60715 guide
Z-5DI-2DO is a module with five digital inputs and two digital outputs that uses RS485 connection with Modbus RTU protocol for communication. It can be configured through a PC using configuration software.

The module supports a wide range of power supply options, from 10 to 40 Vdc or 19 to 28 Vac at 50-60 Hz, with a maximum power consumption of 3.5 W.

The Z-5DI-2DO module features status indicators for power, errors, data transmission, data reception, as well as the status of inputs and outputs. It has an IP20 protection rating and is suitable for installation in Category II at 300 V.

The module has dimensions of approximately 17.5 x 100 x 111 mm and weighs about 140 g. The housing is made of black PA6 material, and the connections use removable screw terminals for conductors up to 2.5 mm2. It includes a rear IDC10 connector for DIN rail 46277 and a front non-isolated Micro USB port for programming. It is designed for mounting on a 35 mm DIN rail according to the IEC EN 60715 standard. It also supports hot swapping functionality.

Regarding communication, the module has two RS485 two-wire interfaces with a transmission speed of up to 115.20 bps. It supports Modbus RTU protocol as a slave. The communication time is less than 10 ms at 38400 bps. The maximum communication distance is 1200 m, and it can support up to 64 nodes without a repeater.

Z-5DI-2DO has five optoisolated input channels configurable as PNP or NPN and supports various sensor types such as reed, contact, proximity, PNP, and NPN, with a maximum frequency of 5 kHz. It also includes five totalizers with a 32-bit count and backup on FeRAM.

For outputs, the module has two channels configurable as normally open (NA) or normally closed (NC) through jumpers. The outputs are SPST relays with a maximum load of 2 A (AC1) at 250 Vac and a response time of 5/2 ms.

The module can be programmed using Easy Setup software, which enables project management and testing of inputs and outputs.

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