KELLER Pressure, a Swiss-based company founded in 1974 by Hannes W. Keller, a pioneer in the creation of the integrated silicon measurement cell, has established itself as a market leader in the production of isolated pressure transducers and transmitters.
Each KELLER product is marked with the "Made in Switzerland" quality badge, representing the Swiss values of excellence, functionality and reliability.

We are your KELLER partner! Riels® Instruments is the distributor of all KELLER products.

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The KELLER product range includes pressure transmitters, pressure transducers, level sensors, pressure gauges and accessories, all designed for high performance and long-term reliability.

Riels® Instruments technicians are highly qualified and provide complete technical support to guide you in choosing the right instrumentation for your application.

In summary, KELLER is a premium brand in pressure and level sensors, offering reliable, high-precision products for a wide range of industrial applications.

The partnership with Riels® Instruments guarantees a high quality technical support and after-sales assistance service for all customers.